Telegraph will be closing permanently 12/31/2020

We are one of many small businesses damaged by the pandemic and governmentally mandated restrictions. To stay valid and make it to the end of this trying time, we have decided to regroup and consolidate into the Watson location. To lessen the blow to our Telegraph customers, we have begun adding products to our online store. We will be able to ship on the next business day.

We do this, not to give up, but rather to stay strong enough to make it through. We intend to keep all of our employees this way, and will be increasing our hours at Watson.

Quite simply, overhead stays the same during this pandemic. Rent stays the same, utilities, insurance, etc. We want to keep our staff employed by cutting cost where it makes sense, not at the expense of our awesome staff.

We will all get through this together. Thank you for 7 years of business in total. You are appreciated. We love having you over to our place (10 or less at a time, thanks Sam Page). We just have moved a little further from ya.

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